Excellent piece of training equipment! This tower gave me plenty of resistance and was much smoother than other towers I have used in the past. It was very portable and easy to move from one lane to another quickly as well. I'm excited to continue training with this tower and look forward to using more equipment from Destro Machines!
I have found the Destro Power Tower to be a great product. I have used them for about a year now and they outperform any of the power tower / power rack mechanisms I have previously used. From a performance perspective, I feel that the main benefits of the Destro towers are that the pulley system is so much smoother than other power towers, and that the cables are slightly elevated from the water to prevent interference with the athletes kick. We swim at multiple facilities both indoor and out. The Destro Towers have been great because they collapse down for easy transport from site to site and are easier to store after use. We just wrap the excess cable after the towers are collapsed and have never had an issue tangling, even during transport. The guys at Destro Machines are always looking for ways to improve the sport of swimming. Depending on the product, I would be glad to do business with them again.
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