The Power Station


Variant Price
25m Power Station, Low Mounting Height $695.00
25m Power Station, High Force $695.00
50m Power Station $845.00

The Power Station™ by Destro Machines is the first ever low-cost, high quality resistance system for the swimming community. Our patent pending system allows coaches and athletes to train with higher levels of resistance than ever before.


  • The highest level of resistance ever.
  • Moveable lower pulley allows you to select the height thats right for you.
  • Selectable distances 15m - 50m
  • Selectable resistances 20lbs - 50lbs (Using Weights & Water)
  • The lowest cost system ever.
  • Integrates with Stretch Cords for unlimited resistance strategies.
  • Rust proof design
  • Engineered in the USA by American Swimmers

25m Low Mount Version

  • 6'  - 6' 6'' Mounting Height
  • 20lbs Water Resistance

25m High Power Version

  • 8' 9'' - 9'10''  Mounting Height
  • 30lbs Water Resistance

50m Version

  • 10' - 11'6'' Mounting Height
  • 20lbs Water Resistance

If you require a special mounting height other than the standard ranges, please contact us directly and we can adjust your rope length according to your specifications.

Units are sold as single sides. Pull-up Bar not included. Fits size 1.25'' OD Bar.

Pre-Order and More Info to come soon.


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