Can I get a Double Bucket Tower?

At this time, a double bucket tower would fall under our 'custom solutions'. If you contact Destro Machines through our Contact Us page, we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

How does the resistance compare to a traditional power tower or stretch cord?

Our design decreases static friction while increasing kinetic friction. This means that you get an extremely smooth and natural feeling resistance, not a jerky resistance. A full bucket of water produces around 20 lbs of resistance. We've found that this resistance far exceeds what the majority of users are capable of pulling with any integrity. Most users indicate that a full Destro Machines bucket feels like a 3/4 full power tower

Can you ship to my country?

Yes, contact us directly on our 'Contact Us' page. We will need to know your location, and how many towers you are interested in buying. This allows us to generate the best shipping rate for you.

Can my Age Group swimmers benefit from The Tower?

Absolutely, the tower is beneficial for your strength, endurance, central nervous system, and technique. For example, training at medium to low resistances allows the athlete to feel their catch much better. This can help improve pulling power and efficiency.

How do I fasten my Tower down?

We supply the recommended hardware and instructions for safely anchoring the tower down. This allows the tower to be safely anchored while still allowing it to be easily and quickly transportable. Many users simply tie the tower off to nearby structures. This is acceptable, however, it is the users responsibility to ensure that the tether being used, and the structure being tied to are adequate in strength to stop the tower if it begins to slide.

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